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Visions of peace from Romania encircling the world in 2020

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The Art Exchange


The meaning behind the 3d artwork (a triptych) is that it is done in a surreal manner, and is about the Peace Within Ourselves – that can be achieved only by understanding and preserving a balance between thought and knowledge.

Group: Eclectarte – Interior Design / Artist: Taddeo Moise, Bucharest, Romania. Sending to: Minervas – Women Changing the World / Claudia Zamora, USA.

“The Magic Words”

Elena’s piece is hand-painted porcelain. The scroll unfolded by the Angel teaches the magic words, “I’m sorry – Please forgive me – Thank you – I love you,” which have the power to alter reality.

Artist: Elena Andrei, Bucharest, Romania. Sending to: Claudia Cockerill, Yorktown Heights, New York, USA.

“Let There Be Peace on Earth”

Through this acrylic painting, Corina visualized protecting our planet and its balance.

Artist: Corina Chirilă, Bucharest, Romania. Sending to: George Herrick, New Britain, Connecticut, USA.

35 years ago, Doinița doodled in her molecular biology lab. Mysteriously titled “Yoga” and centred on the symbolism of healing, the resurfaced doodle caught the attention of Doinița’s daughter Adina, who sampled a new colour scheme from painter Hieronymus Bosch’s vision of Paradise – which the original doodle in fact resembles. Doodling is a good practice for de-focusing the mind.
Artist: Doinița Ispas, Bucharest, Romania. Sending to: Margaret Huft, Poulsbo, Washington, USA.

The challenge of life is to face it,
Its success is knowing you face yourself.
My prow to the fore I enter the dark of the unknown.
I sleep, my spirit journeys beyond Beauty.
My dreams reveal… Where are you?
Here I am, ascending to the Leaping Place of the Spirit.
One voice, one understanding,
The words of Love,
From the Boundless Potential to the First Night,
to the Threshold, to the World of Light –
Span the skies, Great Rainbow!
I follow the path of the stars.
May I shine from within,
Until I reach our Meeting Place by the sea.


“The poem I wrote while living in New Zealand is a creative synthesis of Maori lore and mythology. The hand-painted porcelain cup is meant to offer a solitary moment of peace and reflection, with the poem acting as a magic spell of protection (awherangi) for that space.”

Artist: Adina Ispas, Bucharest, Romania. Sending to: Ng Yishen, Selangor, Malaysia.

“The Beloved’s Wonderful Game”

“For me, peace of mind often begins with a heartfelt conversation. So this artwork is about pouring oneself to a friend. The porcelain decoration references three similar historic patterns, to show that cultures often borrow from each other: Persian pottery, Gaudy Welsh, and Baroque. The pattern is adapted to accommodate a poem by Hafez, a Persian poet from the Sufi movement that promoted peace and love.”

Artist: Adina Ispas, Bucharest, Romania. Sending to: Winnie Jones, Barton, Vermont, USA.

“The Fertility of a Spiritual Messenger That Brings Peace”

“I am working on a larger piece at the moment, and sending only the first concept to my South Australian exchange partner. I photographed the wooden door carvings of the Black Church in Braşov. This motif is a variation of the Green Man from Pagan tradition – a symbol of rebirth exemplifying the inner definition of various deities. The peaceful face of the figure resembles depictions of people absorbed in meditation, while the dynamic curves of the vegetation suggest passion and freedom. My title is inspired by the music festival held in Braşov, called ‘The Golden Stag’. The stag has such a meaning in Northern Native American culture, connecting the message of peace with the fertility of the messenger (or musician in this case), because such fertility refers to a personal connection: love of the soul. On the same principle, in Gnostic tradition the Light Body of the messenger performs a similar function of awakening. The idea is that anyone can transmit this feeling of peace to others, by accepting soul love – it is an unmistakable experience, and it helps others to accept theirs as well (often inadvertently so).”

Artist: Adina Ispas, Bucharest, Romania. Sending to: Meenakshi Mahajan, Dernancourt, South Australia.

“Lady of the Lake”

“In the West, the apple has come to represent original sin. But in China, an apple is a wish for peace. I wanted to create a special image inspired by the vivid connections between Romanian Cucuteni Culture and Chinese Yang Shao Culture – enigmatic Neolithic artifacts which bring us back full circle to our shared origins and inbuilt knowledge for creating a better future together.”

Artist: Adina Ispas, Bucharest, Romania. Sending to: Wen Kong, Beijing, China.

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